Monday, 29 June 2009

Safeguarding Identity - UK government strategy launched

A cross departmental initiative led by the UK Home Office's Identity & Passport Service, involving over 12 UK government departments & agencies, has resulted in a new UK government strategy on identity (in relation to individuals) being launched today.

Safeguarding Identity strategy, HM Government, June 2009:
"aims to deliver a common framework for the use and handling of individuals' identity information."
Via Philip Virgo - who says it's:
"an excellent summary of good practice in Federated Identity Management and showed a refreshing recognition of the realities of working across the silos of Central Government."

Haven't had a chance to read it properly yet but a layered approach to identity and seemingly recognising the benefits of minimal disclosure have to be good things.

Philip also notes that implementing this strategy:
"does, however, require mindset transplants on the part of those who persist in ignoring political, economic and technical reality, let alone professional good practice."

For all our sakes, let's hope those transplants happen PDQ!

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