Monday, 13 July 2009

CCTV footage: AI scanning for suspicious behaviour

Further on image recognition, activity recognition, facial recognition and the like, I notice that “automatic crime detection by CCTV” over WiFi and WiMax, called “SmartCatch”, is being adopted by UK police forces like Nottinghamshire, according to this NEC / MLL Telecom press release of 8 July 2009:

“The footage from fixed site cameras, in-car and body-worn cameras will be transmitted by secure wireless networks back to the control room and then automatically monitored by intelligent surveillance software, highlighting growing risks and incidents against a policy set by the police control centre.

Officers in the control room will be immediately alerted to unusual or suspicious behaviours; such as crowds gathering in town centres, unattended packages, or suspicious behaviour in car parks or by cash dispensing machines, enabling officers on the ground to respond quickly. This active awareness capability, developed by NEC, can also be integrated with facial recognition systems, which can be used at football stadiums and airports, for example, to alert police to known offenders.”

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