Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Location data / geographic data – INSPIRE View services, Discovery services technical guidance

INSPIRE - Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe – is an EU Directive “to create a European Union (EU) spatial data infrastructure. This will enable the sharing of environmental spatial information among public sector organisations and better facilitate public access to spatial information across Europe.” I.e., inter-operability of spatial data (INSPIRE Directive and implementing legislation / rules.)

The INSPIRE View Service Technical Guidance (Version 2.0) has just been published. This explains how to implement INSPIRE View services based on the INSPIRE View Services Implementing Rule.

Technical Guidance Discovery Services, version 2 was published last week, and identifies the recommendations and implementation guidelines for Discovery Services to comply with the INSPIRE directive.

See the INSPIRE Network Services page for  the Draft Regulation on INSPIRE Discovery and View Services and more guidance and technical documents, including e.g.

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