Thursday, 30 July 2009

Tory shadow minister criticises UK cybersecurity strategy

An article in ComputerWeekly by Crispin Blunt, shadow minister for home affairs and counter-terrorism “Government’s cyber security strategy is a lost opportunity”, criticises the government’s Cyber Security Strategy – the plans to set up a Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) and The Office of Cyber Security (OCS) within the Cabinet Office seemingly without considering the coordination of existing departments / agencies having a cyber-security remit, and the “culture of information hoarding”:

“There is no consideration within the strategy of how we would respond to a cyber attack. No mention can be found of a framework for response or who would lead it. There is no discussion of issues such as back up communications networks for security and emergency personnel…

The Cyber Security Strategy for the United Kingdom is a master of the formulaic jargon we have come to associate with the Labour government, but this cannot hide the fact that is almost totally devoid of substance…

A Conservative government will set up a National Security Council to deliver a strategy for the UK. That strategy will flow from a comprehensive security and defence review. The lines of authority and responsibility will be clear.

One of the most urgent tasks is to deliver international cooperation between states on cyber issues.”

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