Sunday, 26 July 2009

UK national identity cards - content

Nice if you’re a peer of the realm, knight or suchlike (as most of us are, of course):

In a letter, Lord West made it clear it would be possible to have the words "the Holder is the Right Honourable Robert Washington Shirley, Earl Ferrers" printed on the back of the card.

He said members of the House of Lords, their wives and families, and holders of knighthoods and baronetcies and their wives would all be able to have their proper titles included on ID cards.

From the BBC, via Robin Wilton of Racingsnake, who wonders rightly how we’ve got this far “without a completely clear idea of what human-readable data should appear on a UK national ID card?”

Recall from my blog post on the Economist’s article on chipped ID cards that when European agency ENISA sought information on specifications for eID cards from EU member states (for ENISA’s February 2009 position paper Privacy Features of European eID Card Specifications, which compares the privacy features offered by various European eID card specifications), that the UK was the only country which wouldn't (or couldn't?) show them even a draft.

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