Friday, 31 July 2009

What UK ID card will look like, & other info & links

It’s been covered by other sources already (BBC, ComputerWeekly) but for future ease of ref for me & anyone else reading this blog, here are the pics and some relevant links:

The biometric identity cards will store:

  • photograph
  • name
  • date of birth
  • signature
  • gender
  • place of birth
  • nationality, and
  • issue and expiry dates
  • “a secure electronic chip that will store your facial image and two fingerprint images” (secure? maybe not…).


Huh? That looks suspiciously like my driving licence. But with added biometrics, of course.

I'm curious about "This area is reserved for observations". What sort of observations, exactly, apart from noting if you’re a peer of the realm?:

  • "Don't trust this person, a known terrorist"?
  • "Seen in some drunken photos on Facebook 5 years ago"?

I don't mind carrying a plastic card around with me; what I’m concerned about are the RFID chip and its security, and also the security of the database and who will be able to get access to my linked-up personal data, given the government's abysmal record of protecting citizens' data and preventing data breaches or data losses.

See also:

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