Saturday, 1 August 2009

Future of media - John Malone FT interview

An interesting interview in yesterday's FT (View From the Top) with John Malone of Liberty Media, described as "one of the most powerful figures in the media world, responsible for creating cable and satellite television empires".

A quote relating to monetising internet businesses, and paying for Web content:

"A big debate in media is: can you get consumers to pay for online content? There will be a transition to people paying for [the] internet. Unfortunately, a lot of the people promoting the internet have other monetisation theories, such as search, which is "free" to the consumer. Believe me, it's not free to the retailer. The real question is: can you get people to pay for content on the internet? That will happen over time. If you're a newspaper publisher and you're giving information free on the internet and charging a subscription fee [for the paper], I don't understand the logic."

Another one:

"Newspapers? Short."

Read the full interview.

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