Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Is journalism dead? & 7 laws of journalism

After the Associated Press desperately said anything (plausible or not) to try to protect their content, here's a couple of broader pieces on the death of journalism (or not) which may be of interest:

  • The Death of Journalism (Gawker Edition), by journalist Ian Shapira in the Washington Post, about how media blog Gawker picked up on a previous story by him and quoted from it, and his changing reactions to the use of his story.
  • The Seven Laws of Journalism, by US journalism academic Danna Walker - scroll to the second half of that blog post for the laws, including "Journalism isn’t dead". (Via a Guardian article - although unlike the Guardian, as I can't see any Creative Commons or other copyright licence on that blog, I won't reproduce the 7 Laws in full here!)

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