Monday, 17 August 2009

The music industry - including recording studios

On recording studios, University of Nottingham researchers have found that:

"a severe crisis in the music industry is seriously depleting the UK’s recording studio sector… A number of iconic London recording studios, including Olympic Studios, Townhouse Studios, Whitfield Street Studios (formerly Sony and, before that, CBS Studios) and Eden have closed in recent years… brought on by the explosion of digital music formats and the democratisation of musical technology…

The problem is not only affecting the production of music but has also changed the way new talent is found. Record companies have withdrawn from the business of discovering and developing new talent (A&R) and instead have left this to the management companies, who some argue are in the business of taking new talent and turning them into marketable artists, who can then be found a recording contract."

Earlier, a much reported (see BBC) survey by University of Hertfordshire researchers for the UK Music group, on music consumption in 14-24 year olds, had some interesting statistics on music file sharing and downloading etc, e.g.:

  • Popularity of P2P remains unchanged since 2008 – 61% said they download music using P2P networks or torrent trackers. Of this group, 83% are doing so on a weekly or daily basis
  • There is real interest for new licensed services. 85% of P2P downloaders said they would be interested in paying for an unlimited all-you-can-eat MP3 download service.

Links to the reports:

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