Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Open source programming languages - rankings

This is pure tech rather than tech and law, but I just think it's interesting.

The H reported on Black Duck Software's analysis of usage of programming languages used in open source projects (see also Black Duck press release).

The table above from the analysis page shows languages ranked in order of use in open source projects, so that over all time C is the most used open source language with Ada the least used.

Dynamic languages are increasing in popularity over static. The bars show changes over just the last 12 months, with Javascript gaining the most with some 2 percentage points, then SQL, Ruby and C#, while Shell, Perl, Java, C and C++ have all lost ground.

Javascript is said to be "the most-used and fastest-growing scripting language. More projects overall have used JavaScript than Java by a margin of 3 percentage points."

65% of open source code is C, C++, and Java, and 80% of open source is C, C++, Java, Shell and JavaScript.

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