Monday, 17 August 2009

Privacy protection - business case - discussion document released

The UK Information Commissioner's Office commissioned Watson Hall Ltd and John Leach Information Security Ltd to:

"research and develop an easily understandable and compelling business case that will help organisations to justify and implement privacy protection within their business processes and systems."

Their discussion document is now out:  Discussion Document - The Business Case for Investing in Proactive Privacy Protection 17th August 2009 (version 1.1)

Version 1.0  was released on Friday but note that another version 1.1 was published today. See the fuller background.

They'll be releasing new versions of the discussion document from time to time too, so you'll have to "check here periodically". Why no feed?

They are seeking views on the discussion document from all quarters, by email to - by 1 Sept 2009.

That's not very long in the scale of things, especially given that it's holiday season. Perhaps they're under time pressure from the ICO. Or perhaps that's a subtle way to discourage comments!

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