Monday, 2 November 2009

UK: three strikes; & copyright strategy paper

So the current UK government are determined to press ahead ASAP with the previously mentioned 3 strikes measures to cut off those who download files illegally via peer to peer filesharing services e.g. music or movies - at great cost to both human rights, justice and the finances of ISPs (and ultimately their customers, i.e. us).

No surprise, but worrying given the defeat of an attempt to enshrine internet access as a fundamental right in the EU (according to Out-Law the European Parliament withdrew their previous insistence on judicial oversight because they were advised they weren't legally entitled to move the amendment concerned). And the planned measure is pointless given that it probably won't be effective, and kids these days are moving to streaming rather than using peer to peer filesharing anyway, etc.

Here are links to the original sources:

And some commentary:

It's not too late to contact  your MP if you disagree with the plans. Other ways to oppose the measures are suggested by the Don'tDisconnect.Us site launched by TalkTalk.

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