Sunday, 31 January 2010

Net neutrality - free book

Net Neutrality - Towards a Co-regulatory Solution, 320-page PDF book by UK tech law expert Chris Marsden, available free under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Licence. Copyright 2010 but as of June 2009.

From the intro:

"This is a book about net neutrality. It is intended to be read by the nontechnical as well as the technical reader, by the non-economist as well as the economic, and also most defi nitely by non-lawyers… It is an international book, in that it is written by an English lawyer who now preaches but used to practise, but with significant input from study of the European Union (and European Economic Area) more widely, and with attention paid to North America and Japan, if less so to developing countries…

At the end of the book, I expect you to disagree with me, whether you are a traffic prioritization free-market ‘RoundHead’ or an information-wants-to-be-free fundamentalist net neutrality ‘Cavalier’. My argument will be a ‘Middle Way’ between these extreme positions that strikes a balance between intervention and innovation, which inevitably means no-one will be happy, including me. It is not a debate with any easy non-controversial answers…"

The book has a good list of abbreviations on internet & technology terms as well as legislation too.


  • Introduction - Net Neutrality as a Debate about More than Economics
  • Net Neutrality: Content Discrimination
  • Quality of Service: A Policy Primer
  • Positive Discrimination and the ZettaFlood
  • User Rights and ISP Filtering: Notice and Take Down and Liability Exceptions
  • European Law and User Rights
  • Institutional Innovation: Co-regulatory Solutions
  • The Mobile Internet and Net Neutrality
  • Conclusion: Towards a Co-regulatory Solution

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