Sunday, 28 February 2010

Art. 29 working party's priorities 2010-2011

The EU article 29 working party on data protection and privacy have published their work programme for 2010 to 2011.

The strategic themes they will focus on are -

  1. implementation of the Data Protection Directive and working on a future comprehensive legal framework (as to which see the article 29 working party's paper on the Future of Privacy)
  2. globalisation
  3. technological developments
  4. enhancing the effectiveness of the art. 29 WP and national data protection authorities e.g. investigation and enforcement including harmonisation of DPA powers and co-operation
  5. topical issues

- based on which they're working in particular on:

  • interpretation -
  • implementation of the revised e-Privacy Directive
  • considering the impact of the Lisbon Treaty
  • Binding Corporate Rules, safe harbor, adequacy of third countries' regimes
  • international standards work e.g. ISO, the Madrid Declaration, OECD guidelines review
  • cloud computing
  • profiling and behavioural advertising
  • search engines and the "right to be forgotten"
  • social networking sites
  • RFID privacy impact assessments
  • financial matters
  • traveller data
  • updating WP80 on biometrics
  • possibly updating WP73 on eGovernment and ID management

They say they're available for requests for opinions by the European Commission and others notably on privacy by design, accountability, strengthening role of data subjects and other areas discussed in their Future of Privacy paper.

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