Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Digital Economy Bill - with changes blacklined

The Digital Economy Bill was reprinted yesterday, as amended in Committee in the House of Lords.

To help me figure out the agreed changes from the original version of the Bill, I produced a quick and dirty, very basic blackline (or redline, tracked changes or whatever you want to call it) of the amended Bill.

In case it's of use to anyone else, here it is, showing additions and deletions but not in colour (and not guaranteed to be 100% error free, of course):

Digital Economy Bill (as amended in Committee in the House of Lords 9 Feb 2010), showing changes from the originally introduced version of 20 Nov 2009

In relation to the internet access of suspected copyright infringers, you'll see the main changes are in:

  • 5 Obligation to provide infringement lists to copyright owners
  • 6 Approval of code about the initial obligations
  • 7 Initial obligations code by OFCOM in the absence of an approved code
  • 10 Obligations to limit internet access: assessment and preparation
  • 11 Obligations to limit internet access
  • 15 Sharing of costs
  • 17 Power to amend copyright provisions - the most changes are here

There are other changes e.g. to the provisions on:

  • internet domain registries and
  • orphan works and copyright licensing

but from a quick skim no changes to the original provisions on video games or public lending right.

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