Sunday, 7 March 2010

"Cloud cloud maybe" video - cloud computing history as you've never seen it before

Never mind the Gartner hype cycle, you know a topic like cloud computing has peaked when video takes on it start proliferating.

There was the Hitler spoof video on cloud computing security I mentioned recently, and now we have this rap-style video, stuffed full of cloud references, which is actually an ad by cloud provider Vembu Home.

It's a canter through the history of cloud computing rather than a parody, though given the title it seems like it's meant to be more a parody of Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby".

Trivia - that song landed Vanilla Ice in trouble as he had used a sample of the bassline from Queen's song "Under Pressure". The bassline here is rather similar, it even starts on the same note, so one hopes Vembu haven't made the same expensive mistake as Vanilla Ice! The last note of Vendu's bass riff actually differs by a tone, probably deliberately; let's hope for Vembu's sake it's enough…

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