Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Consumer Rights Directive - and opt-in?

In Vice President Viviane Reding's speech yesterday on a proposed EU Consumer Rights Directive was this statement:

"It also introduces, for the first time, an EU ban on pre-ticked boxes on websites, so that consumers consciously decide what they do and do not agree to."

Does this suggest a move towards requiring deliberate opt-in rather than opt out, in relation to individuals' consent to the use for marketing etc of their personal data on the data protection front?

Most pre-ticked checkboxes I've seen on online shopping websites tend to deal with consent to pass on info to affiliates etc, certainly.

Reding's opinions will be influential as she is the Commissioner who's leading the current moves to update the EU Data Protection Directive following an oddly low profile public consultation late last year. (See also her views on security and data breaches.)

It'll be a long time before anything happens though, as there isn't even consensus yet on how to deal with the key general issues raised in relation to the proposed Directive.

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