Friday, 19 March 2010

Data Protection Directive - reform proposals due by end 2010

In a speech yesterday Vice-President Reding said (emphasis added):

"I will present a legislative proposal reforming the Directive before the end of the year and I will consider establishing the principle of "privacy by design.""

"The new legal framework should address new challenges of the information age, such as globalisation, development of information technologies, the internet, online social networking, e-commerce, cloud computing, video surveillance, behavioural advertising, data security breaches, etc," she also said.

In relation to the Charter of Fundamental Rights, her first priority area was:

"First, we need to protect the privacy of our citizens in the context of all EU policies. This includes when it comes to law enforcement and crime prevention. And this also applies when it comes to our international relations."

This certainly gives us an indication of the likely slant of the proposed revisions to the EU data protection framework.

See also other blog posts about EU data protection, in particular the Article 29 Working Party's consultation response in their "Future of Privacy" paper with their views on how EU data protection laws should be updated, and a hint from Reding about requiring opt-in.

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