Thursday, 8 April 2010

AP News Registry & hNews - Associated Press's digital news registry passes DoJ vetting

I previously blogged US news agency Associated Press's announcement of a proposed news registry and "tracking beacon" (which had been called "DRM for news", though it isn't DRM, it's just Javascript).

The US Department of Justice have recently approved the Associated Press's planned "news registry", according to an AP press release of 1 April - and no I don't think it's a joke despite its date (unlike my own very obvious April's Fool spoof!).

"A beta test of the registry began in November of 2009, and some 200 AP newspaper members are now participating in the test. We expect the registry to go live in July [2010]," AP have said.

The DoJ said it "supports a proposal by The Associated Press (AP) to develop and operate a voluntary news registry to facilitate the licensing and Internet distribution of news content created by the AP, its members, and other news originators. The department said that the development and operation of the registry is not likely to reduce competition among news content owners and could provide procompetitive benefits to both participating content owners and content users."

There's some more detailed info about what the AP News Registry is and what it will do, i.e. "create a system that registers key identifying information about every piece of content AP distributes as well as the terms of use for that content, and employs a built-in tracking device to notify AP about how that content is used online. The Registry will enable third parties and customers to find and use content through new digital platforms, devices and services, while assuring AP that its content will be protected against unauthorized use."

I've decided to split out an explanation of hNews, and an hNews tutorial to make a Blogger blog hNews-compatible or hNews-compliant (as I've done on this blog), into a different blog post.

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