Monday, 26 April 2010

EU - RFID tags - study

The EU are inviting tenders for a study on RFID tags and the recycling industry to "improve the understanding of the nuisances and advantages that RFID technology could have on the recycling industry" -

"First, it shall assess the environmental impact of the RFID tags themselves as a non-communicating, inert object, on the recycling processes of other products and materials with a view, if needed, to adjust such processes. Second, it shall assess the environmental advantages that the use of RFID can provide to product lifecycle management."

Especially given the European Data Protection Supervisor's opinions on privacy by design including RFID and on waste electronics, it seems a shame that the spec says -

"6.4 Privacy, data protection and health impacts related to RFID
The use of RFID technology regularly raises questions related to the privacy, data protection and health impacts that they can have on the individuals who are interacting with it.
These aspects shall not be disregarded when conducting the study. For example, the right to privacy could be identified as an issue/barrier put forward in some scenarios. However, as these issues are treated under other Commission activities, they shall not constitute the core of the study but instead be referred to in the background of the study."

Is that a missed opportunity there?

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