Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Patent Absurdity: how software patents broke the system - documentary

Most people interested in software patents and business method patents - developers as well as lawyers - will know that the US Supreme Court is to rule on the Bilski case soon, by the end of June 2010 I've heard.

According to Heise (I've not had the chance to watch it yet) a new documentary "presents complex issues in a factual way that can be grasped by lay persons, Patent Absurdity is not just a film for free software fans or patent lawyers."

Patent Absurdity is a freely downloadable (or watch online) 30 minute documentary by Luca Lucarini using free software, supported by the Free Software Foundation, containing interviews with Bernhard Bilski himself and his lawyer Michael Jakes as well as Eben Moglen, Dan Bricklin, Karen Sandler, Richard Stallman and others.

The site says:

"Patent Absurdity explores the case of software patents and the history of judicial activism that led to their rise, and the harm being done to software developers and the wider economy. The film is based on a series of interviews conducted during the Supreme Court's review of in re Bilski — a case that could have profound implications for the patenting of software. The Court's decision is due soon..."

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