Thursday, 10 June 2010

Article 29 Working Party letters to Facebook, other social networking sites

I've updated my previous blog post on the EU Article 29 Working Party criticisms of Facebook and other social networking sites that had signed the Safer Social Networking principles, to add links to the texts of the letters sent out by the Working Party.

The only difference seems to be that in their Facebook letter, the Working Party added at the end:
"In this context the Working Party finds it unacceptable that your company has chosen to fundamentally change the default settings on the Facebook platform only days after the hearing of SNS providers on 30 November 2009 in which your representatives took part.
Article 29 Working Party is also concerned at subsequent changes made by Faccbook which also give rise to data protection and privacy concerns. In the EU, data protection and privacy are fundamental rights which must be respected and taken into account especially by operators like you."

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