Thursday, 10 June 2010

Digital rights conference, London

The Open Rights Group are holding ORGCON, a 1-day conference in London, on Saturday 24 July 2010, covering UK digital rights issues such as copyright, data protection, data retention and freedom of information.

There's an excellent lineup including leading SF author and writer Cory Doctorow, and Heather Brooke the journalist who was instrumental in exposing the MP expenses scandal. The talks will feature -

Plus "training sessions about how to lobby your MP and more volunteer workshops. There'll also be discussions on the state of UK politics after #GE2010 and why this is a key moment to push harder for reform on digital issues from surveillance to copyright to DRM."

Sounds very good value as it's free to attend if you join ORG, £5 for existing supporters, and £10 for anyone else - so if you're interested, sign up for ORGCON.

Note - some may think I'm a little biased as I support ORG and used to know Cory. But I do think it's worth attending for anyone interested in these topics, especially when compared with the fees charged for most academic / business conferences.

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