Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Privacy - technology & other challenges - comparative study of EU, US etc for Commission

Just seen on the European Commission website, some useful papers from a study conducted for the Commission and concluded in January 2010 (dated 20 Jan 2010, in "final final" versions no less).


Comparative study on different approaches to new privacy challenges, in particular in the light of technological developments - final report, LDRP Kantor Ltd with Centre for Public Reform (Executive Summary) and attachments -

  1. Working Paper 1 - The challenges to European data protection laws and principles, Ian Brown, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, and
  2. Working Paper 2 - Data protection laws in the EU, Douwe Korff, London Metropolitan University


Comparative chart and country reports

The study included various reports on countries across the world, not just the EU (including the UK, Germany, USA, Australia) and a comparative chart of national laws -

Comparative chart - Divergencies between data protection laws in the EU, Douwe Korff

See the EU webpage for links to the country reports on -

European countries:

Czech Republic
United Kingdom

Non-European countries and jurisdictions:

USA (Federal level, California, New Jersey)
Hong Kong

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