Tuesday, 6 July 2010

UK - data protection - MoJ seeks views on how laws are working

The UK Ministry of Justice has issued a call for evidence on current data protection laws, seeking views on:

  • how the European Data Protection Directive and the UK Data Protection Act are working
  • the impact of data protection on individuals and business, and
  • whether the Information Commissioner's powers and penalties could be strengthened.

Direct link - Call for Evidence on the Current Data Protection Legislative Framework, 6 July 2010.

The responses will be assessed and used to inform the UK’s position in negotiations on a new EU instrument for data protection, "which are expected to begin in early 2011". This fits in with the expected publication by end 2010 of the Commission's draft of the new EU data protection legislation.

The compliance (or not) of UK legislation with EU data protection requirements and the beefing up of privacy protection and remedies for individuals are no doubt going to be raised.

Anyone who wants to comment should respond (Word questionnaire) by 6 October 2010. That's not very much time, in the scale of things.

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