Thursday, 13 January 2011

Find ECJ (European Court Justice) cases quickly from the case reference

Form to find ECJ (European Court of Justice) cases from the case number and year on the Eur-Lex site, which has judgments in much more user-friendly format than the more commonly-used Curia site.

Had to host it on a domain to get it to work, so it's on a different blog. No time to sort out the CSS, yet so apologies for the poor alignment.

Have also added to that blog, in much more usable format, my previously-blogged but now improved form to find PDFs on the sites of the UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) and Article 29 Working Party, from their old links.

If you'd saved or bookmarked links before their recent site changes, that form may save you some time trying to find the new links that replaced the broken ones.

Please feel free pass on the form links to lawyers / law librarians / anyone else you think may find them helpful.

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