Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A theory of privacy? Free talk, London

Thurs 3 Feb A Quest for a Theory of Privacy 6-7pm, by Prof Michael Birnhack. Register for a free place, form's at the bottom of the page - again at the Institute for Advanced Legal Studies.

From the blurb:

…too many (in legal, policy-making, technological and popular circles) have given up searching for a privacy theory. This talk would make the case that a privacy theory is much needed… that can best explain what is going on [with new technologies - RFIDs, biometrics, location tools, airport body scans etc] and more importantly, can guide us as to what should—or should not—be done. The talk will discuss these issues, as well as some of the existing theories and their shortcomings. I shall argue that the best understanding of privacy is a reinvigorated theory of privacy as human control over oneself.

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