Friday, 11 March 2011

Privacy vs security & crime - lecture

Mr Hielke Hijmans, European Data Protection Supervisor's Office, will discuss "Data Protection in Europe’s Area of Security and Justice" this Monday 11 Mar 2011, 7pm, London as part of Queen Mary School of Law's Criminal Justice lecture series. Drinks from 6.30pm.

From the flyer:

9/11 has reconfigured the relationship between security and privacy. The post- 9/11 era is marked by the proliferation of mechanisms for the collection, analysis and exchange of personal data for security purposes at EU level. EU databases (such as the Europol Information System and the Schengen Information System) have been created and expanded. The exchange of personal data between national police authorities has been strengthened. The private sector has been increasingly called on to cooperate with the State in the field of data transfers. This lecture will explore the implications of these developments and assess the extent to which the European Union has developed an adequate legal framework on data protection to address security concerns.

Those interested in privacy and data protection law, particularly in the context of crime, law enforcement and national security, may want to attend.

Details and to book a place.

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