Monday, 7 March 2011

Youngest female racing driver in UK seeks sponsorship

Zoe Wenham, only 16 and racing in the Volkswagen Racing Cup, is seeking sponsorship. I wanted to help spread the word, though this is clearly not my blog's usual subject matter! When not racing she's studying for A levels in IT, Maths, Physics and Business Studies. Via Women in Technology newsletter.

More info, email, site, Twitter @zoewenham - and also she'd welcome general suggestions or thoughts on her sponsorship portfolio.

Coincidentally, a friend and I were just chatting t'other day about females in Formula One (my friend likes watching, I have to say I'm not a sporty person myself).

There's a dearth of women in racing (the position seems even worse than with women in law). We wondered if that was partly because those narrow, form-fitting racing cars are built to suit the male form - normally they're not designed for wide hips to squeeze in, or, if I may say so, chestage - so do they indirectly exclude females that way?

If it's possible to have privacy by design (or not), isn't it possible that there is some kind of gender exclusion through race car design…? Does anyone with any Formula One engineering experience know?

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